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Aromatherapy Cold & Flu Remedies - Part 4: Warming Bath Oil

Hello Everyone! As I sit down to write, on this frigid, windy, yet sparkling sunny, northern Maine, almost spring day, my blasted back deck thermometer says it is only 22 degrees outside, and a mere -5 if you take the wind chill into account!!! Unbelievable . . . it seems I live in the land of eternal winter. I must have hope that spring is coming soon . . . hope, hope, hope . . . Today, as promised, I will wrap up the 4-part, Aromatherapy Cold & Flu Remedy series, by sharing with you a recipe for a warming bath oil and sweat session that will detox your sick body and make your sore, achy flu or cold-ridden being feel better fast. Yes, though it is late winter, the flu virus and myriad cold germs still abound. Do not let your guard down yet, my friend. If you're feeling sick or think you're coming down with something, partake of the following bath therapy as soon as you can, then don some cozy PJ's, and climb into bed. Nothing like a good night's rest to restore health to your sick cells. Enjoy and be well, my friend! Surround Me In Comfort: Warming Bath Oil Feeling all stuffed up? Got the chills, aches, pains, and general misery of a cold or flu or feel like you're about to succumb? Then a detoxifying sweat session with this bath oil is just the thing you need to ease your symptoms, open your sinuses, warm your core, and relax your entire body so that you can sleep soundly and get the healing rest you so desperately need. Ginger, thyme, lavender, palmarosa, and pine essential oils deliver antiseptic and antiviral properties, stimulate sluggish circulation, induce perspiration, relieve muscle tension and aching joints, and even relieve headaches due to congestion. IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT partake of this heating therapy if you are running a fever, sweating, have high blood pressure, or are extremely weak and debilitated, as it will exacerbate your symptoms. Ingredients: - 20 drops ginger essential oil - 15 drops palmarosa essential oil - 15 drops thyme (chemotype linalool) essential oil - the "skin friendly" thyme - not as irritating - 15 drops Scotch pine essential oil - 10 drops lavender essential oil - 1 cup jojoba base oil Equipment Needed: Dropper (for measuring essential oils), dark glass 8-oz. bottle with dropper top or screw cap Prep Time: 15 minutes, plus 24 hours to synergize formula Yield: Approximately 1 cup Storage: Store at room temperature, away from heat and light; use within 2 years Application: 1 or 2 times per day DIRECTIONS: Add the ginger, palmarosa, thyme, Scotch pine, and lavender essential oils drop-by-drop directly into a storage bottle. Add the jojoba base oil. Cap the bottle and shake vigorously for 2 minutes. Label and date the bottle and place in a dark location that's between 60 degrees and 80 degrees F for 24 hours so that the oils can synergize. APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: This healing, detoxification process can be performed in the morning, if you are staying home for the day, and also again at night before retiring. First, you'll need to turn up the heat or stoke the woodstove (get the house nice and toasty) and make a mug of fresh ginger root, cinnamon spice, or decaf chai tea, or just make a cup of plain hot water with fresh-squeezed lemon juice. Run a hot bath, with the bathroom door closed, trapping the steam. When the tub is nearly full, add 1-2 tablespoons of bath oil under running water and swish to blend. Ease into the soothing bath and lie back for about 20 minutes while you sip your tea or hot lemon water. Sweating helps release toxins from your pores. Following your soak, gently pat yourself dry, and apply my recipes (found in the previous blogs in this "Cold and Flu" series) for "Winter Defense Oil" to your entire body and "Raven's Wings Foot Balm" to the soles of your feet. Put on pajamas and socks, and climb under the covers. Do this once or twice daily for a few days, until you are well. Regarding diet while ill . . . don't forget to eat plenty of veggie/garlic soup or organic chicken/veggie/garlic soup and drink plenty of green smoothies made with raw kale, spinach, or arugula (add a banana to disguise the "green" flavors if you don't like them). These foods will stoke your immune system. Be sure to avoid any foods that can constipate and/or form mucus: dairy, cheese, yogurt, eggs, butter, cold/icy drinks, nuts and nut butters, citrus drinks, refined flours/sugars/white rice, fatty meats. Here's a wellness tip: At the end of this summer, make all 4 of the recipes in this Aromatherapy Cold & Flu Remedy Series so that you are ready to fend off the onslaught of next winter's nasties! Perhaps you'll be able to sail through winter with nary an illness! Take care all you health seekers!

NOTE: Portions of this article were adapted from Stephanie Tourles' book, "Hands-On Healing Remedies", (Storey Publishing, c2012) - and used with permission. The information is true and complete to the best of Ms. Tourles' knowledge. All recommendations are made without guarantee on the part of Ms. Tourles. She disclaims any liability in connection with the use of this information. It is for educational purposes only.



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