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Foot & Hand Reflexology Treatments


Reflexology is a great way to ease stress, gain better overall health, reduce pain throughout the body, as well as comfort achy feet & hands.  Why not give it a try?    I offer reflexology for the feet, hands, face, and ears.  Experience an opportunity to balance health and well being.  Your body will thank you!


I am accepting new clients by appointment only.  Please know that your appointment time will be customized to accommodate your individual needs.  I value your business and want you to experience all the benefits that reflexology has to offer.  For an appointment or to ask questions, please contact (508) 776-3468 (cell/text) or (830) 201-4148 (landline).  I look forward to seeing your soon👣😁


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Reflexology is a non-invasive, specific touch technique of applying pressure to reflex points of the feet and hands (and sometimes the ears and face) that correspond to all glands, organs, and systems of the body.  The physical act of applying specific, stimulating pressure, using thumb and fingers, to these reflex areas results in improving circulation and reducing body stress and tension, which promotes positive physiological changes within the body. 


Reflexology works through the nervous system.   There are over 7,200 reflex points in each hand and each foot.


The Theory is that your FEET and/or your HANDS reflect your body.  Let’s take your feet as an example:  By placing an outline of the body over an image of the feet, you can see that the toes correspond to the head area.  Where the toes join the foot is the shoulder line.  Below that is your chest/breast/lung region.  As you go down the feet, the other body parts and organs correspond to the specific defined areas in the feet.

Your Feet Mirror Your Body

Zone Therapy – Reflexology works on “nerve pathways”.  Each foot or hand has 5 nerve pathways or “zones” that travel straight up and down the body as shown by the image to the right. 

By pressing on areas of the feet or hands, the reflex travels along that zone, creating a stimuli within the nervous system. 


This stimuli relieves stress and tension and also improves blood supply to that corresponding area.

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Treatment Menu

Foot Reflexology - $80.00
An Incredible foot treatment in a relaxing atmosphere. The session takes approx. 1 - 1.5 hours, where you lie on your back on a massage table with only your shoes and socks removed. After a warm foot bath, I pressure point the reflexes and end with a relaxing oil massage. Herbal extracts, infused oils, essential oil blends, and herbal epsom/sea salts are often integrated into your session to enhance the benefits and/or soothe and moisturize your feet and lower legs - leaving you feeling absolutely fabulous! 

Hand Reflexology - $60.00
Wonderful for achy hands and arms, 45 minute session.

Foot and Hand Reflexology - $120.00
Approx. 1.5 hour session

Face/Ear Acupressure & Massage - $35.00 add-on
Enhances lymph drainage, tones & tightens the face/neck, deepens relaxation, helps relieve headaches/neck tension/sinus congestion. Includes use of herbal oils. May be added to a foot and/or hand session. It's a must try!

Gift Certificates Available!!

Reflexology Benefits:
Improved immunity and Improved energy
Eased stress and anxiety

Pain relief
Circulation stimulation
Reduced blood pressure
Congestion relief
Induces deep relaxation
Aids elimination and encourages healing
Comforts achy hands & feet
Makes you feel GREAT ALL OVER!

Blue Hill Reflexologist

Reflexologists DO NOT diagnose, prescribe, or treat a specific illness.  Reflexology IS an effective technique for regaining better health, but is not intended to replace the care of your physician or medical provider.

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