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Herbal Aphrodisiac: Vanilla Spice Body Powder from Making Love Potions
Set the mood for romance with silky, sexy Vanilla Spice Body Powder from Making Love Potions by Stephanie Tourles.

Herbal Aphrodisiac: Herbal Energy Balls 
Make sweets to share with your sweetie for long-lasting lovemaking!

Herbal Aphrodisiac: Vanilla Lover’s Linen Spray 
Create an enticing atmosphere between the sheets with a simple, two-ingredient linen spray from Stephanie Tourles’s Making Love Potions

Herbal Aphrodisiac: Sweet Pleasure Body Honey
Make your next romantic encounter extraordinary with this moisturizing, tantalizing, edible, spreadable body honey.

Stephanie Tourles

Listen to Stephanie Tourles being interviewed by Joyce Riley of The Power Hour and they discuss natural skin and body care and why it's important to avoid chemicals in your personal care products. The show highlights recipes in her Organic Body Care Recipes book. 

The Power Hour - Stephanie Tourles
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Irene Rawlings interviews Stephanie Tourles about her book 'Raw Energy for KBC 97.3 FM Boulder, CO 80302

Listen to Podcast Part One and Podcast Part Two Below

KBC Interview Part 1 - Stephanie Tourles
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KBC Interview Part 2 - Stephanie Tourles
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Listen to my recent WLAV-FM "Kim Carson Show" radio interview (Jan. 14, 2015) below. If you're wanting to change your life to look and feel better or are in transition to a healthier life, give yourself an inspirational 10-15 minutes. It's well worth your time.

Kim Carson Show - Stephanie Tourles
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Herbal Highway - Stephanie Tourles
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Got uncomfortable or unsightly feet?  Listen to Stephanie discuss natural foot care and herbal treatments from her book, "Natural Foot Care".  Your feet will thank you! on The Herbal Highway

Off The Grid Radio, Repelling Summer Bugs, The All-Natural Way, Some of the recipes she shares with us work against almost any flying insect, so even if you don’t have mosquitoes, you should listen. Don’t miss this amazing episode if you hate pesky summer bugs! Click Here to listen to podcast.

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