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Craniosacral Therapy

"The art of seeing the individual as an integrated being." 

Many folks who have experienced a craniosacral therapy (CST) session consider it a type of hands-on-healing, perhaps a blending of therapeutic touch, gentle chiropractic and osteopathic maneuvers, with the energetic realm of reiki and myofascial release massage techniques.  A form of bodywork consisting of exceedingly light finger and hand pressure upon the cranial bones, vertebrae, and sacrum, and upon the involuntary movement of these structures and surrounding tissues.  Relaxing and quiet, inducing restful sleep, it's been labeled 'mysterious' by some.


In reality, the pulse of energy that flows between our head and pelvic area - a rhythmic system at the core of our physiology - is what craniosacral therapy addresses.  Its subtle, but measurable, essential, and as tangible as our breath and heart rate.  Just as a cardiologist seeks to improve the function of the cardiovascular system or a yoga instructor offers guidance on breathwork, a craniosacral practitioner evaluates and optimizes the pulse of the craniosacral rhythm.  This is a pleasant, often deeply intuitive technique.


I highly recommend that you give it a try, at least once - you'll be amazed at how this light touch therapy can produce such profound results🙏

See brochure for more details.

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60 Minutes - $90.00

90 Minutes - $130.00

Self-Care Is Not An Expense.  
It's An Investment!
Head Massage
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