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What's Contained In One Square Inch Of Skin?

If you regularly follow my blogs and have visited my website,, then you know that I'm a licensed esthetician - a skin care specialist. I write books and articles about holistic skin and body care, create chemical-free skin care and personal care products, and teach and lecture about proper skin care plus the topics of herbalism, nutrition, and aromatherapy as they relate to skin care. I'm all about skin, you see. I thought that in this blog, instead of talking about a particular skin / health concern or offering you a nutritional tidbit or recipe to feed your skin, I'd give you the inside scoop on what one square inch of your skin contains. The following is pure structural information - anatomy and physiology 101. I'm sure you will find it fascinating! Your skin performs so many jobs - a good reason to always keep it in tip top shape. WHAT'S CONTAINED IN ONE SQUARE INCH OF SKIN The complex structures of the skin contained within one square inch: - 65 hairs - 9,500,000 cells - 95 to 100 sebaceous (oil) glands - 19 yards (17 meters) of blood vessels - 650 sweat glands - 78 yards (70 meters) of nerves - 78 sensory apparatuses for heat - 19,500 sensory cells at the ends of nerve fibers - 1,300 nerve endings to record pain - 160 to 165 pressure apparatuses for the perception of tactile stimuli - 13 sensory apparatuses for cold (Adapted from Joel Gerson, Milady's Standard Textbook for Professional Estheticians, 8th edition) NOTE: Portions of this article have been adapted from the book, "Organic Body Care Recipes", by Stephanie Tourles. The information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. Ms. Tourles disclaims any liability in connection with this information. It is for your educational purposes only.


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