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Top 10, Last Minute, Health-Promoting Christmas Gifts!

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Festivus (from "Seinfeld"), andYule Tidings of Great Joy to All! I wish everyone of my health-seeking readers the most stupendously happy holiday season ever! Sorry for my long absence, but many of you know that my latest book, Hands-On Healing Remedies, was just released about a week ago and I've been crazy busy these last 6 weeks with publicity events and planning. I will get back on a regular "blog-a-zine" schedule in the New Year. I appreciate your patience. Today, on this memorable calendar date . . . 12/12/12 . . . I decided to give you a list of some of my favorite Christmas gifts that are both easy to find and easy on the budget . . . AND . . . extremely beneficial for your body and health. I'm sure not everyone has finished their shopping yet, so hopefully you'll find something on this list that will please that special someone on your list! Blessings to all! My 10 Favorite Christmas Gifts for Those Health-Seekers On my List 1. Bottle of Jojoba Oil: This medium-textured base oil (techinically a liquid wax ester) derived from pressed plant seeds or beans and chemically similar to our own moisturizing sebum, penetrates well, leaving no oily residue. It's one of my favorite base oils for homemade perfume, facial elixirs, and bath and massage oil blends because it does not turn rancid and requires no refrigeration. It's also an excellent conditioner for hair, scalp, skin, and nails and is an all-purpose skin lubricant. Also removes eye makeup wonderfully well. 2. Jar of Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil: Purchase only organically grown, unrefined coconut oil. Its sweet, exotic fragrance and smooth flavor are reminiscent of a tropical paradise. Refined coconut oil is void of both sweet fragrance and flavor. Coconut oil is a highly emollient base oil derived from tht fruit of the coconut palm and is solid at temperatures below 76 degrees Fahrenheit. It's an excellent oil for all-over use, and some swear by it as the ultimate skin softener, hair conditioner, and after-sun treatment. Use this tasty, healing oil as a lip balm; personal lubricant; edible, flavored body balm; or body cream. 3. My latest book, "Hands-On Healing Remedies": This new book makes the perfect gift for those who enjoy working with herbs and making their own topically-applied healing remedies at home. It includes 150 recipes for making herbal balms, salves, oils, oil-blends, body powders, liniments, and clay packs. 4. The organic skin care Bible . . . my bestselling book, "Organic Body Care Recipes": The perfect gift for those who like to craft with herbs, make herbal skin and body care gifts, make their own chemical-free personal care products for themselves and family, or are allergic to over-the-counter personal care products and must make their own at home. 5. Gift Certificate for a Local Yoga Class: What better way to give the gift of restoration and renewal than to give a certificate for a yoga class??? 6. Gift Certificate for a Massage: A massage is beneficial for anyone - young or old - a wonderful gift to someone in need of total physical release. 7. Know someone interested in the "raw food revolution" or who wants to take charge of their health? How about giving my bestselling book, "Raw Energy: 124 Raw Food Recipes for Energy Bars, Smoothies, and Other Snacks to Supercharge Your Body"? It's chock-full of healthful recipes that require absolutely no cooking . . . they're all raw and all wonderfully good for you and your taste buds! 8. Gift Certificate for a Pampering Facial or Pedicure: There's nothing like the gift of a relaxing, pampering pedicure or nurturing, rejuvenating facial for that special someone who never gives herself anything! 9. Jar of Cocoa Butter: Derived from the cocoa bean, this sweet, chocolate-fragranced, emollient butter is hard at room temperature but melts when applied to the skin. It can be used as a luscious lip balm or skin conditioner for dried, cracked hands and feet, and as an anti-stretchmark balm for pregnant bellies and breasts. Wonderful rubbed into baby's skin, too, or anywhere that needs softening. 10. Weleda's Body Oils: Weleda is one of my favorite, natural, chemical-free skin care companies and I just adore their body oils. They're lubricating, moisturizing, and extraordinarily fragrant. You can choose from rose (for spiritual and physical comfort), lavender (for relaxation), citrus (for stimulating / awakening), arnica (for sore muscles), sea buckthorn (for weather-beaten skin), or pomegranate (for mature, environmentally damaged skin). A bottle of one of their body oils is a gift the recipient will never forget! Find them at your favorite health food store or online @ There you have it . . . happy shopping and happy giving! Until Next Time . . . be well, be happy, be whole, and be thankful for your Blessings! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Stephanie Tourles



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