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Power of Fresh, Raw Fruit & Vegetable Juices - Part 11

Brrrrrr! That's all I can say about the temps up here in my area of coastal Maine. As I write, it is 15 degrees outside - with no windchill - plus we just got 14" of fresh powder yesterday! My arms are sore from shoveling so much lately! Excellent upper body workout I must admit! We're certainly in the midst of an old-fashioned Maine winter. Anyway . . . at least my office faces southwest and the sun is beaming through my 70+ year old windows - reflecting the light off the snow, illuminating and warming up my creative space. My house is 211 years old, folks, and has its share of "charm", especially in winter, e.g. drafty windows and drafty stacked granite block basement - complete with a few chipmunks and mice. Quaint, isn't it? This week I'll share the last in the series of fresh juice recipes from my "Raw Energy" book. Hope you've enjoyed the raw and energizing juice journey along with me. I'm sure there are many of you who made the annual New Year's resolution to get fit and workout more, right? Or, perhaps you renewed your resolve to get in better shape and take care of your health. Well, if you did either of these, then the juice blend recipe that follows will be the perfect raw and healthy choice to refresh and replenish your thirsty cells following your workout. If you are new to juicing, this recipe is probably one of the first easy-to-make blends that you drank. Simple and oh-so-nutritious. Enjoy. Post-Workout Replenisher As you exercise and work up a healthy sweat, your body begins to deplete its stores of sodium, potassium, water, and glycogen (sugar), among other nutrients, and needs refueling when you've finished. Unlike sugary "energy drinks", this simple juice blend replenishes your body's spent vitality without being too sweet. Ingredients - 3 medium apples, including cores - 3 medium carrots - 2 stalks celery Method 1. Juice the apples, carrots, and celery, together. 2. Stir before serving. Pour into glasses and enjoy! Yield: 2 servings NOTE: This article was written by Stephanie Tourles and adapted from her latest book, Raw Energy, Storey Publishing, 2009. The information is true and complete to the best of her knowledge. All recommendations are made without guarantee on the part of Ms. Tourles. She disclaims any liability in connection with the use of this information. It is for educational purposes only


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