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Power of Fresh, Raw Fruit & Vegetable Juices - Part 4

Hello Health Enthusiasts! Cold and flu season is upon us . . . at least here in the Northeast! Everyone I meet lately has had the local strain in some form or another these past weeks. Yes, even I, the maker of my own herbal medicines and aromatherapeutic health-fortifying formulas, have succumbed to a moderate cold/flu bug this week - complete with chest congestion, coughing, achiness, and general malaise. My hubby came down with it real bad last weekend, then gave it to me. Oh well . . . such is life. I've finally decided that I've inherited a tendency towards lung and stomach weakness (thanks, Dad!), and must constantly fortify myself against pesty bacterial/viral invasions - and watch my stress load. Lots and lots of hot ginger root tea and cayenne tincture on the tonsils came to my rescue . . . loosening phlegm and opening my respiratory passages! The American Botanical Pharmacy - run by Dr. Richard Schulze - offers the absolute best cayenne tincture. Check out his entire herbal formula catalog at His recent catalog is amazing. He even has a new Super Food energy bar that I suggest you try out! Another immune-boosting formula that you might want to add to your daily food intake is "Rachael Jean's Super Green Drink" offered through Jean's Greens Herbal Tea Works & Herbal Essentials. Look up or call (888) 845-8327, tell Holly I sent you, and order a bag. Good stuff and loaded with "good for you ingredients". Don't forget to check out my other website if you are interested in adding potent dehydrated fruit, veggie, and berry juice powders to your supplement regimen. Juice Plus is a fabulous product and chock-full of anti-oxidants, and if you don't have time to do actual juicing, it is the next best thing! It is paramount that you pay attention to your nutritional intake, especially pre- and post- fall and winter seasons so that your immune system is strong and able to fight off what discomforts may come your way . . . and they will. Today, I will share with you another delicious juice blend. Try to make this colorful, nutritionally potent drink a part of your regular immune boosting arsenal! Enjoy and be well! Tart and Tangy Winter Nectar Enjoy this late fall and mid-winter blend when citrus fruits are at their best - succulent, ripe, and heavy with juice. Grapefruit is a great blood sugar stabilizer, and it helps to maintain energy and mood levels throughout the day. I especially like to serve this delightfully colorful beverage during the holidays - sans alcohol. Ingredients: - 2 medium pink or red grapefruits - 1 medium lime (or lemon) - 1 tablespoon raw honey - 2 mint sprigs for garnish (optional) Method: 1. Cut the grapefruit and lime in half and juice with a manual or electric citrus juicer; strain out the seeds. 2. Pour the juice into a blender, add the honey, and blend on medium for 10 seconds. Or . . . vigorously stir room-temperature honey into the juice by hand. 3. Serve in 2 of your best tumblers or wine glasses with or without crushed ice. Garnish with mint sprigs if desired. Yield: 2 servings A Good Source of: antioxidant flavonoids, vitamin C, and potassium NOTE: This article was written by Stephanie Tourles, Lic. Holistic Esthetician, Community Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Nutrition Consultant, and author, and adapted from her latest book, "Raw Energy", Storey Publishing, 2009. The information is true and complete to the best of her knowledge. All recommendations are made without guarantee on the part of the author. She disclaims any liability in connection with the use of this information. It is for educational purposes only.



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