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Got Winter-Dry Skin? Try "Soothe-Me-Sesame Body Oil"

Happy New Year To All My Fellow Health Seekers! I'm so glad to see that the days are getting a wee bit longer already! Extra daylight always does me a world of emotional good - especially living up here in Maine - where it gets dark by 4pm in December! But before I get ahead of myself and start thinking of warmer, sunnier spring days, I must be realistic. January's here and with it the cold, dry weather which wreaks havoc upon my skin. Yours too? What to do, what to do? Well, years ago I formulated a lovely skin-nourishing oil blend that I absolutely adored - based on unrefined sesame oil and avocado oil. An excellent duo for dry skin. I then decided to test out 2 different methods of application to see which one worked best for me . . . the Ayurvedic Method or the Cosmetology/Esthetician Method.

I fell in love with the Ayurvedic Method and still use it to this day. Wondering what I mean by these 2 methods? Just read the recipe below . . . and I'll explain. The recipe comes from pages 150-151 of my book, "Hands-On Healing Remedies" (Storey Publishing 2012). If you like creating all kinds of natural/herbal topical treatments for your skin, body, and wellbeing, then you'll want to get this book!! Soothe-Me-Sesame Body Oil

I love skin-pampering formulas that are ultra-simple to make, are relatively inexpensive, and leave my skin feeling velvety. Sesame oil, which is the predominant base oil in this formula, contains a generous complement of vitamin E, and is often used therapeutically in Ayurvedic body care formulation as a warming, nourishing, grounding, and deeply calming lubricating oil. It's especially recommended for individuals with extremely dry skin who have trouble relaxing and falling asleep and are mentally frazzled, burned out, scatterbrained, high-strung, and talkative. The avocado oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, and lecithin, and the carrot essential oil serves as a tonic for regenerating and revitalizing mature or damaged skin. Ingredients: - 50 drops carrot seed essential oil - 3/4 cup unrefined sesame oil - 1/4 cup unrefined avocado oil - 1,000 IU vitamin E oil Equipment: Dropper, glass bottle or plastic squeeze bottle Prep Time: 15 minutes, plus 24 hours to synergize Yield: Approximately 1 cup Storage: Store at room temperature, away from heat and light; use within 1 year Application: Once per day Directions: Place the carrot seed essential oil drop-by-drop directly into the 8-oz. storage bottle. Add the sesame and avocado oils, and the vitamin E oil. Screw on the top and shake vigorously for 2 minutes to blend. Label and date the bottle and place in a dark location that's between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours, so that the oils can synergize. Application Instructions: Shake well before using. There are two methods of application that I recommend. Try both and see which one works best for your skin . . . Ayurvedic Method: This method is rather stimulating, so perform it in the morning. Before your daily bath or shower, gently exfoliate your entire body, from head to toe, using a natural-bristle body brush or soft loofah sponge. Massage a generous portion of body oil into your DRY skin, always massage toward the heart. When you are completely covered in oil (but not so much that you are really slimy), don an old bathrobe and allow the oil to sink in for 10 to 15 minutes. Then jump into the shower or bathtub and just rinse (no need to use soap except to wash underarms and intimate areas, as you've already cleansed your skin by exfoliating). The steam or hot water from your bath relaxes your pores and helps the oil penetrate your skin. Pat dry. If your skin is severely dry, follow with an application of natural body lotion, as necessary. Cosmetology/Esthetician Method: Twice a week, gently exfoliate your entire body, from head to toe, whether dry (before bathing) or while in the tub or shower in order to keep dead skin cell build-up at bay. Everyday, after bathing or showering, massage this oil blend into your skin, from head to toe, while your skin is still slightly damp in order to seal in the moisture. BONUS: This blend can be used an an after-sun conditioning oil to help replenish suppleness to your baked and tanned hide.


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