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Got Nut Milk? - Part 3

Greetings Health Seekers! Summer is in full swing here on coastal Maine, though my garden is slow to grow and flourish this year due to a long, cool rainy spell we had in June. I'm harvesting the first of the fresh snow peas today, though . . . and looking forward to adding them to my big veggie salad at dinner time. Today, I will share with you the last in the 3-part series on making vegan nut milk. This recipe is super yummy and turns basic nut milk "up a notch" with added spices and flavors. Hope you like it as much as I do!

Cheater's Mexican Chocolate Almond Milk Craving something rich, creamy, and chocolaty? This quick, delicious beverage will satisfy the kid in everyone. Raw cocoa (cacao), almond butter, and cinnamon blend together to form a smooth, indulgent, yet highly nutritious beverage to add zip to your day. Great poured over a bowl of muesli, too! You can always leave out the cinnamon and just enjoy it as simply super vegan chocolate milk, if you desire. For a spicy variation suitable for a holiday party, substitute a dash of nutmeg for the cinnamon and cocoa, and you've got a vegan version of raw holiday nog, sans eggs. Ingredients: - 2 cups purified water - 3 tablespoons raw almond butter - 1 tablespoon raw cocoa (cacao) powder - 1 tablespoon raw honey or raw agave nectar (if you can find it) - dash of ground cinnamon (taste tip: Vietnamese cinnamon is the sweetest & my favorite) - smidgen of cayenne pepper powder (optional, but adds hint of zip and a bit of bite, but not much heat) - pinch of sea salt - 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon natural vanilla extract Method: 1. Put the water, nut butter, cocoa powder, honey, cinnamon, optional cayenne (if you wish), salt, and vanilla in a blender and blend on medium until smooth, about 30 seconds. 2. Transfer the nut milk into a liquid storage container and store in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days. It will freeze quite nicely for future use. Shake vigorously before using, as the stored milk tends to separate. Yield: 2 servings NOTE: This blog was written by Stephanie Tourles and adapted from her book, "Raw Energy", Storey Publishing 2009. The information is true and complete to the best of her knowledge. All recommendations are made without guarantee on the part of the author. She discalims any liability in connection with the use of this information. It is for educational purposes only.



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