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Digest With Ease - Part 1

Spring Blessings & Greetings To All . . . Today we will begin Part 1 of a 2-part discussion on the topic of digestion and the importance of achieving digestive bliss to encourage proper nutritional uptake and a harmonious working, comfortable body. DIGEST WITH EASE The adage "You are what you eat" should actually be, "You are what you properly digest, assimilate, and eliminate." No matter how healthy your diet, if you can't properly digest your food, then you can't a ssimilate the necessary nutrients to keep your body functioning at optimal levels. Your digestive system consists of a 25 to 35 foot long, winding, twisting tube that receives at one end (the mouth) and eliminates the spent product from the other end (the anus). Indigestion is a major problem incurred by a large percentage of the population, especially the over-40 crowd. The manufacturers of popular antacids are quite aware of this dilemma and are quick to capitalize on America's discomfort. Just turn on the television and their ads instantly appear right after lunch and dinnertime. They offer quick, albeit temporary, relief to those who regularly gorge themselves on massive quantities of greasy, excessively spicy, or fiberless foods, or those you lead stress-filled lives, smoke, drink alcohol on a regular basis, and eat on the run. If you continually stuff yourself past the exploding point, eat too fast or under stressful conditions, or make poor food and lifestyle choices, your body is bound to rebel. Travel often? Then you've probably suffered more than your share of digestive distress. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, by plane, train, bus, or car, simply being away from home base for any extended amount of time takes your body out of its comfort zone. A toll is always to be paid by your digestive system with new dining times, potentially lots of sitting, unusual foods, eating on the run, new water, jet lag, and new sleeping environment. Disorderly conduct . . . Digestive disorders left untreated can eventually lead to serious problems, such as cirrhosis of the liver, jaundice, hepatitis, diverticular disease, and cancers of the digestive system. Anyone suffering from chronic digestive problems can attest to how unbearable the disease makes everyday life! In my next blog, Part II of "Digest With Ease", I will give you handy, easy to apply tips to bring more comfort to an often uncomfortable situation - digestive difficulties. My Guide To Digestive Bliss will also offer ways in which to prevent indigestion in the first place. Until next time, have peaceful experiences, pray for peace, spread peace among all living beings. NOTE: This article was written by Stephanie Tourles, lic. holistic esthetician, aromatherapist, nutrition specialist, and herbalist, and has been adapted from her book, "How To Feel Fabulous Today!", Storey Publishing, 2001. The information in this book is true and complete to the beset of Ms. Tourles' knowledge. All recommendations are made without guarantee on the part of the author. Ms. Tourles disclaims any liability in connection with the use of this information. It is for educational purposes only.


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