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Creating Herbal Facial Oils: Part 2

Hello Everyone . . . Spring Greetings! Today, I'm going to continue with Part 2 of my series, "Creating Herbal Facial Oils". I'll share with you how I discovered facial oils and why I decided to create them myself instead of shelling out big bucks at the department stores - for sub-par products. Plus, I'll share another DIY recipe - Healing Thyme Elixir - which you can find on page 201 of my best-selling "Organic Body Care Recipes" book - available in bookstores nationwide and from online retailers everywhere! But, before I get started, I'll like to tell you about a new facial oil that I've formulated that's now for sale at I've partnered with Karl Burgart, owner of Healthy Harvest, LLC, and we've created, "Olive Essentials Facial Oil No. 2" (Facial Oil No. 1 will be launched shortly). It's a one-ounce blend of Karl's imported extra-virgin, super pure, unrefined, unheated, unfiltered, low-acid, organic Tuscan olive oil combined with my proprietary blend of wildcrafted frankincense CO2, organic French highland lavender, and organic Australian sandalwood essential oils. It's truly an exquisite, gently aromatic, pampering, and nourishing oil for your face and neck. Karl also retails the absolute BEST olive oils that I've ever tasted, along with ripe olives, infused comfrey oil, oregano, Greek Mountain tea, etc. Please visit the site and give the products a try! Your skin and body will thank you! Herbal Facial Elixirs In the mid-1990's, I decided to see what all the hoopla was about concerning the highly touted "youthifying" commercial facial serums that many cosmetic companies were launching. These .5 - 1 ounce bottles of promise came at a hefty price, and after a bit of ingredient sleuthing on my part, I discovered that they consisted primarily of water, synthetic skin softeners, chemical exfoliating acids, a vitamin or two, humectants, artificial fragrance, and preservatives. Definitely not a "healthy cocktail" - for sure. So, I decided to create my own natural, highly beneficial versions of these serums. The result: herbal facial elixirs that your skin will literally drink up! If used consistently, the elixirs here will definitely aid in prolonging the youthful qualities of your skin. The prep time is quick, but plan on setting aside your elixir for one day. Have you ever heard the expression, "the sum is greater than its parts"? There's a scientific term for that, and it's synergy. During the 24 hours that you let your blend rest, you are letting it synergize, to become a more powerful conditioner for your skin. Think of the recipe in the previous blog in this series, "Evening Luxe Elixir", the following recipe, "Healing Thyme Elixir", and the recipes to come in this series of blogs - as alternative moisturizing treatments for your face. Instead of applying a traditionally made cream or lotion, first moisten your skin with your favorite toner, hydrosol, or astringent, then apply one of these specialized blends of pure base and essential oils. They'll nourish on a cellular level, restore, soften, balance, seal in hydration, and assist in reparation of damaged skin. Expect visible results after regular use. As an added benefit, the aromatherapeutic properties of these elixirs will serve to calm, uplift, recharge, or soothe the mind and spirit.

Healing Thyme Elixir This elixir helps to balance problem skin due to overactive sebaceous glands. The combination of essential oils produces an antiseptic, antibacterial formula that also calms the skin, counteracting redness from inflammation. It also aids in normalizing dry areas, improves sluggish circulation, and stimulates new cell formation. Do not be afraid of applying oil to an oily skin. The hazelnut base oil in this recipe is actually an astringent, tightening oil - wonderful for oily skin. You may substitute jojoba oil, if you wish. (The image above is a thyme plant from my garden - the essential oil is used in this recipe.) Ingredients: - 5 drops rosemary (chemotype verbenon) essential oil - 5 drops thyme (chemotype linalol) essential oil - 2 drops lemon essential oil - 8 drops German chamomile essential oil - 2 tablespoons hazelnut base oil Recommended For: oily, acneic (with weeping acne), combination, or normal skin Use: 2 times per day Prep Time: approximately 15 minutes, plus 24 hours to synergize Blending Tools: shake 1-ounce storage bottle prior to each use Store In: dark glass bottle with glass dropper top Yield: 2 tablespoons or 1-ounce Directions: Add the essential oils, drop by drop, directly into a storage bottle. Next, add the base oil. Screw on the dropper bottle top, wrap your hand around the bottle, and shake the formula vigorously for 2 minutes to completely blend all ingredients and gently warm them to body temperature. Set the bottle in a dark location that's between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours so that the oils can synergize. No refrigeration is required, but for maximum freshness and potency, please use within 6 months - 1 year. Application Tips: Morning and evening after cleansing, apply the appropriate toner, astringent, or hydrosol. While skin is still damp, lightly massage 4-8 drops of elixir into skin, beginning with decollete, throat, then face, using upward, outward, and circular strokes. Wait 5 minutes before applying sunscreen, additional moisturizer, or makeup. NOTE: Portions of this blog were excerpted - with permission - from my book, "Organic Body Care Recipes" (Storey Publishing, c2007). The material in this blog is for informational or educational purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your healthcare professional, physician/dermatologist.


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