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Creating Herbal Aphrodisiacs - Part 1

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Hello All . . . Valentine's Day is fast approaching! Still need a gift for your sweetie? Or, better yet, a gift that you can share with your lover? Ooooh la la . . . indeed! Well, I've got just the ticket.

My latest book, Making Love Potions: 64 All-Natural Recipes for Irresistible Herbal Aphrodisiacs has many suggestions (ruby-red drinks, tasty nibbles, massage oils, perfumes, aromatic spritzers, linen sprays, edible body butters, and more) for creating a most romantic evening. And, luckily for you, I've just posted two YouTube videos that will demonstrate a couple of easy-to-make recipes to kindle the passion in your relationship.

The Vanilla Spice Body Powder recipe is pleasingly warm, silky, and aromatic on the skin - appeals to both men and women, and the Herbal Energy Balls recipe is tasty, sweet-tart, and builds vitality in your core. Here are the video links . . . watch, learn, and enjoy! Herbal Energy Balls Vanilla Spice Body Powder


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